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Hello, China-Cart, I have received the costume today and I am very happy by the quality of the set and you can congratulate the tailors for the works of your company. I'll contact you for others costumes.
Thank you very much for everything.

Hello, China-Cart! ALL of the items made it just in perfect time for our museum opening and they are beautiful! We will be ordering more costumes soon. Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service.
Thank you!
Director of the Confucius Institute

I want to express my gratitude to China Cart for the effort and service over the past 3 months.
Please pass this on to your whole team
Air West Coast Manager

Hi, we inform you that the entire order has just arrived. They are beautiful!
We are preparing to make another request.

We will be in touch.
Thanks a lot.
American Museum of Natural History

My outfit arrived today. I wamted to tell how how pleased I am. The garment fits perfectly! The accessories are beautiful. The hair clips were such a lovely surprise- thank you! I was a bit concerned about spending so much money on a outfit, but my money was well spent. I will not only wear this outfit to the Asian Festival, but also to a concert in January. It is not a costume- it is a wardrob statement.
Please thank everyone involved in making and packaging my outfit. I wish to express my happiness and gratitude. I shall be a return customer.
Best wishes and Happy Holidays,

Hi, The lion is fine! Thank you! T***
New Theatre National Tokyo, Ballet & Dance Division

We got the dragon and it is wonderful. The students are very excited to work with it. Thank you for getting it to us so quickly!
Osbourn Park High School
Theatre Director.

I'm just writing to convey a very big thank you to yourself and China Cart for all your help with the order we placed with you a few months back for Lion Dance and Monkey King costumes for our charity Monkey King show that we performed. We have now performed the show and it was a great success, we managed to raise a good amount of money for a very worthwhile local charity to us and we had great feedback from the audience who all really enjoyed it and loved the great costumes that you provided for us. I have attached a few photos of our performance for you.

Again a very big thank you to you for helping us to achieve this, it is very much appreciated.
All the best, very kind regards
NAMA Publications

I just received my order, it was wonderful! Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for my beautiful wushu competition suit! It is so beautiful and fits perfectly. I can't wait to perform wearing it!

I have received all the pieces to my costume and wig and I am very pleased. Thank you so much!

Dear Service Team,
A few months ago we had ordered a Chinese dragon from you. We are still very happy with our dragon. At the end of September we had a big kung fu-show. The dragon dance was one ouf our highlights! Thank you very much for your good job you have done!
Best regards
Swiss Chinese Kung Fu School

Thank you so much for very very very pretty dress heartly thanks alot


Thank you so much for the additional gift you have sent!!

I will order more soon!


Hi, I already received my lion, and I can say that everything was very good, very beautiful.


Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today and I am very pleased. A very nice piece with great detail and quality.
Thanks...I also am still interested in the attached items if they are available.

Thanks again,

I just got it today. Wow! It looks great and thank you so much!!!! I'm sorry that I was such a nag, but I am really glad it turned out so well!!

Thank you!

Hello! The dress is absoultely fabulous! Thank you so much!

Great, thank you so much! I CANNOT Thank you enough! !!! The hat is GORGEOUS! !!!! And it brightened my day !!! It arrived today !!! I am in hospital with a minor issues so when I opened it ALL the nurses gasped! ! Now they are ALL clamoring to have one too !! The doctors are telling me not to show thier wives or they will want it too !! I cannot wait til i,m able to stand and send a photo !!!!! THANK YOU! !! THANK YOU! ! ! ! THANK YOU !! I am so grateful! ! I will definitely be wishing to purchase much more !! Thank-you !!!
t** h**! !

Thank you very much Sunny.
I got the package today and it is exactly the way it is supposed to be.
I appreciate all of your efforts to resolve this matter.
I am very pleased with the new product.
Thank you again and have a great week-end


I forget to say thank you for all the extra things you sent along with the order. i will certainly keep you in mind for other transactions and will have no trouble recommending you to anyone else.

Thanks again,


Fenomen TV film og scene Verdiana,

Thank you for your beautiful fans.
Could you please send me a copy of the invoice for this purchase?

Best regards,

I got them all and everything came out awesome you guys did amazing work.


Yes, I have it, I was so surprised when it arrived Monday and I absolutely love it. Can't wait to wear it on Sunday at the tournament.
Thank you,

(Now I have the trouble of deciding what my next order will be!)

Thank you for doing business with me and contacting me frequently. I am very impressed by the craft and work of art. The lion was great! Came out just as ordered and specified. Customer service was great too, thanks to you. Take care until our next business, have a good day!

This is the third time I contact to you to buy a dragon dance equipment, the last two before were some years ago and had a satisfactory customer attention, now we expect the same.
Yours sincerely

Dear Service Team,
My outfit arrived today. I wanted to tell how how pleased I am. The garment fits perfectly! The accessories are beautiful. The hair clips were such a lovely surprise- thank you! I was a bit concerned about spending so much money on a outfit, but my money was well spent. I will not only wear this outfit to the Asian Festival, but also to a concert in January. It is not a costume- it is a wardrob statement.

Please thank everyone involved in making and packaging my outfit. I wish to express my happiness and gratitude. I shall be a return customer.
Best wishes and Happy Holidays,

Hi, I just received the flower costume yesterday afternoon and it is just wonderful. It looks beautiful, and the style is just what I was looking for, too. I really appreciate you doing this so quickly for me. I'm sure she will look quite spectacular in this.

Thank you again for your help and service.

hi good morning, we received the Dragon. Thank you very much for everyth
ing it's all in good condition and the clothes are very nice, thank you very much until the next order.
A**m J***s

Dear China-Cart,
again thank you so much for fabricating and delivering my suit and shoes for wushu performance.i am so happy with them and weared them last weekend at the german wushu nationals 2011. Everybody liked the style and asked me where i got it from. Of course i told them! :-)please be assured that i will come back to you whenever i need stuff for my wushu.
please have a nice and successful time,
best regards,

Hi, today we received the costume.
Thanks really nice, I'm sure we'll make a good impression during our parade.

Dear Sir , I have recieved my garment , it looks great ,feels really nice ,too ,...i was inquiring about the free boots that were offered with this order ,as they did not come with the package ?will they come separately latter?..........
Yours Faithfully


I`m highliy pleased with the new dress. Thank you!

Regards, M***na

Thank you for the response.

The uniform arrived the day I sent you the last email.

It is beautiful, a perfect fit and the embroidery is perfect.

I look forward to working with you again!

Regards, A**y

Hi - the boots are wonderful. I couldn't be happier with them. I will be ordering more pairs of boots of other kinds from you but I have a special request - I do not want any leather or animal hide used in the making of them as I am against the torture and killing of animals. The hanfu boots have a white sole that I thought would have been made of rubber but I can now see that the sole is made of several layers of leather which have been stitched together. Is it possible to order future pairs of boots with synthetic substitutes for leather throughout the boots or shoes?

Thanks for answering my email and my questions. I'm happy to inform you that I've just received my parcel and everything is perfectly fit and look. I apologize for previous emails and appreciate doing business with you.


Thank you ever so much for helping me and you do an excellent job!!!

Sent from my iPhone

Hello again, Sunny
I cancelled the complaint with paypal.
I received the third outfit. I must tell that their quality is excellent, beautiful fabrics, very well made.

Hi, hope all is well at your end

First, would like to thank you and all China Cart team for their work ,
I received the suit and it is really beautiful and very well designed.

Can you please confirm that the suit i requested fits for the southern style?

Also need your assistance, as trying to know where I can find the Kungfu Southern style materials (the sward, stick) and the shoes.

Can you please guide me to a professional online shop like China Cart or advise in case these available through same entity.

Thank you in advance


I received the first package :) thank you. Everything is great.
I will update you when I receive the second package.

Best regards,

We did receivethis order, and it is very nice! Thank you for all your help!


I wanted to let you know we were extremely satisfied with your workmanship! Also, the uniform arrived in plenty of time for the WKU World Championships. My grandson loved the uniform and got 2nd place in Wushu as a 15 to 17 year old black belt. We are very proud of him. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on getting it here on time!

Thank you very much, it arrived today and it's beautiful, exactly as pictured.

Thank you! The uniform got here just in time! It's gorgeous and we are so happy with your service!


I have received the last three lions head. Everything are great. I'm looking forward for future business with you.
Thank you!

Hi, I would like for the items I order to arrive before by the week of October 20th or earlier. Last year, I was really impressed with the Sun Wukong Monkey King of Journey to the West Costumes and Hat Complete Set that I bought from you guys. This year I|m really looking forward to this one as well.
Please make sure the Chinese Odyssey Monkey King Costume and Headwear comes with everything. Thank You, keep up the great work and have a great year.

Attached is a photo of me in the clothes you sent. I am incredibly pleased by both the quality of your clothing and the quality of the service you have provided. Five stars from me.


I received the head dress today, and not the wig, also, I have not received the stick for the monkey king. I received the warrior costume and we absolutely love it, much more than expected. Cannot wait for the next items to arrive.


Thanks a lot for all your helps. We got it last night and my daughter really likes it.


Hi received the robes, thank you. Very pleased with them. Perfect fit, beautifully detailed. lovely fabric, great workmanship. Just thought id mention. On the invoice it correctly states my address, but the name is wrong. It says the recipient is Michele Castellini. I am guessing this is just a error.

Kind regards and Best wishes Lord Josh.

Thank you for the quick delivery. It reached me yesterday and I'm very pleased about your service (and the gift you added *smile*).

Kind regards

Got my order yesterday it looks wonderful. Very impressed with the quality.
Thank you

Hi Sunny
All received and very pleased thank you, Will be in touch soon.
Sifu D**e

Thank you.
I have received my hat today. It fits perfectly and is everything I asked for.
I will come back again for more orders. :)



I just wanted to let you know that I have received everything I ordered from your website and I'm loving it. It fit nicely and looks exactly like it should. Thank you very much and I wish the Service Team of China Cart a very good year.

Dear All,
Thank you so much. Have recieved red lion, we all love him. He is so well made. Thank you for all your help, and wonderful service. We will recommend you any time, and will hopefully be ordering another lion next year. The training DVD is amazing, if any of your students ever come to england we would offer them hospitality.
Thank you again

Dear China-Cart,
Thank you so much for your the best service Now I already received the dress it's so beautiful.
But I don;t know how to wear >_< but I will try to wear.
Best Regards,
Best regards,

Dear China-cart,
I've just received my dress and it's completely beautiful. Thank you very much.

Dear China-Cart,
The Blue Phoenix Chinese Opera headpiece is wonderful. The exquisite detail and beauty of this item is amazing; I am very pleased. Thank you so much for all the timely correspondence and quick shipping with all the tracking information. It is a joy to look at your site.

Hi, Good afternoon.
The embroidery was just delivered. It is magnificent and is just about a replica of the one I damaged. Thank you so much for the great service. I will be visiting the web-site in the future for more purchases.

Hi, I just received today (3/16) the two lions that I ordered (201222192218 - Special Order of Nelson). You were not kidding when you said that I would "love the lions", they are very beautiful! They are even nicer than the ones on the website. The custom work that your craft shop did on the lions was phenomenal and the details of the painting on the head are excellent! I was also very impressed with the characters on the collar and the quality and thought put into the lion's body. The pants are perfectly sized and made of sturdy material, the shoe covers are a very nice touch and
thank you very much for throwing in the belts too. Both lions are truly amazing and we will definitively order more lions from your company in the near future.

hi thank you very much for the costume it reached perfectly its soo beautiful thank you it looks just like the costume from a chinese ghost story 3 thank you very much and i will tell my friends about your site so if they wish they could buy some costumes too thank you.

Hi, China-Cart,
The dresses have arrived, the fit is perfect. Thanks! We will order again I suspect.
With kind regards,

Hi China-Cart,
I just wanted to let you know that I receive the dress. The tailor and you did a very good job. many thanks for the dress. It is wonderful!
Thanks again and all my best wishes for the New Year!

Hello, I've just received my dress and it's completely beautiful!
Thank you very much!

Da Kao and Red Cape Received, VERY nicely done.

Dear China-Cart,
Thank you very much for your message. On Christmas, I perform Bian Lian on stage, and the journalist witten that my costum was beatiful and called me the "chinese magician". For the moment, I prepare a big perfomance on May.

Hi, I received my order on Wednesday. Thank you so much! It is beautiful! I will be ordering more uniforms from your company and reccommending you to my friends. I have 5 tournaments this season.
Thank you! Beautiful work and material!

Hello, I received the pom pom's, mouth's, ears, and mirrors yesterday. The Pom Pom's look terrific! I was not sure what you meant by "what base color do you want the pom pom's" I had said Lime Green as that's the trim color on the Black Lion head, I'm glad I said that color as it matches better with the decoration.
I am still working on the Gold Lion Head and will contact you very soon for the pom pom's; they will need to be done in Red, Orange, and Yellow stripes. I will contact you very soon for the order.
Thank you so much to you and your team for an excellent job! I look forward to continued business with your company.
Dr. R**

Hi,Just wanted to let you know I received the fans and they are perfect! Thank you so much for doing the special order for me. We really enjoy the quality of your product.
Happy Holidays,
Dynamx Inc.

Hi, China-Cart ,I received 2 Lion in Perfect condition!
Thank you

I just received my kimono today and it is beautiful! But of course I'm having trouble figuring out how to correctly put it on. I tried looking up websites that explain it, but every kimono is a little different. Do you have any recommendations?
Thank you for your time.

Dear Laura and Company,
Just received the black ball gown I ordered. Just a quick message of thank you. It's beautiful.
Work with you again soon.

Dear Sunny,
Chinese Miao Minority Clothing and Headdresses arrived.
I'm surprised at the Headdresses quality and your delivery quality.
Now,I'm ordering the size severe adjustment to my staff.
It will be very exciting stage.
Thank you very much.

To Whom it May Concern:
I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with the quality of the ribbons and fan we bought. The ribbons are absolutely beautiful like you said they would be! We are so happy. We have placed another order with you and plan on even more in the future. Thank you very much for the quick delivery and wonderful product. We will pass your name on to others.
Thank you,
Vice President
Dynamx Inc.

I would like to thank you for sending the tracking number as I was able to track the progress of my parcel.
Today, my bedcover has arrived. It is wonderful - the right colour and size.
I will look to your website for any other gifts I need and I will recommend your business to others.
Thank you for the good service.

Hello, China-Cart,just got back from tour and the drums arrived! beautiful,did a little touching up,I never thought i would own these drums! thanks a million I will try not to look at website I might go bankrupt jaaa!! you are the best,CHINA number ONE!!

Hi, dear friend, I have recieved my wedding bedding set order 201132054035 and its fantastic excellent high quality material eactly what i wanted and the delivery time was just as good. I will certainly deal with you again thankyou once again for this beautiful set i am sure it will brighten up my life.
Yours faithfully,

Hi, YAY I just got the boots, they fit perfectly! Thank you!
I can't wait till I order from you again!

Hi, we received our lion in perfect condition. That was very quick. The lion is very cute. I introduced her tonight to our dance team and everybody just loved her. The frame is very solid and incredibly light weight. We were impressed that the frame was constructed in the same manner as our 20 year old lion. We thought we could not get them that well made anymore. The pants are the perfect size. Plenty of room for all the deep stances and tricks. You did exceptionally well customizing them. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely recommend you. Our lion is perfect in every way and I can assure you she will be loved.
Hope to do some more business with you.

Just to let you know I took delivery of my lion head and drum.I am very pleased with the lion head and the customising you have done for me.

Hi friend,
Thank you for your answers!
I am very happy to say that I got the pendant that I ordered over a week ago and i LOVE the two calendars that came with it, it's brilliant :) thank you so much!
The pendant looks SOOOOO great, I love it!

I hope you are well. We are having unusual sunshine and heat in England at the moment. The lion costume went down extremely well with the customers. They are an education authority and they lend out items to help school children to celebrate diversity. They have asked if it is possible to make a copy of the CD's to keep at the resource centre in case the original is damaged. I said I would ask you.
Many thanks and best wishes
The Equality and Diversity Shop Ltd

Dear All,
I would like to thank you for the very beautiful Lion that you send us, it's arrived today and we're very happy for that.
Many thanks,
best regards,

Hi, I want to thank you because the lion is beautiful, we have used on several occasions and has caused a lot of printing. thanks for everything and to check my next purchase, i always be in contact with you.

Hi thanks again for the fast reply, it has arrived, thanks again for the excellent service, talk to you again soon for our third lion.

Hi, I want to thank you for the beautiful costume. As I am a Theatrical Costumier it will look lovely on stage. The quality is excellant.

Dear All,Today i received the light green color lion. I have many lions, but the ones that CHINA-CART send to me are the most beautiful. Thank you very much. I will have pleasure to do business more with your company in the future!
thank you,
Head Lion Instructor Hoy Sun Ning Young Association

Thank you for your mail, i just received the 2nd dargon, again its really nice. I have received the leading ball in this parcel, please note i was checking the 1st parcel and I found the leading ball in that, my sincere apologies for the inconveneince.
Best wishes,

Hello, how are you? I'm Mai Dang Nguyen, and I would like to thank you that I have received my costumes without any trouble. The costumes are very beautiful and they fit me perfectly. I'm really satisfied with those. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me about the customes and the deliver thing. Hopefully we will co-operate like that in the next times. Thanks again to all of you from China-cart.
Have a nice day.

Hi, I ordered the traditional Tang dance costume and they came really quickly after my order. They are very beautiful, thanks a lot, I will recommand you and surely buy more on China Cart.

Hi, I have just ordered the items listed in the body of this message. I needed to order them seperately but hopefully they can be shipped at the same time. I appreciate your wonderful service. This is the second time I have done business with you and I have been very impressed with your responsiveness.
Thank you,

Thanks a lot for your offer which I appreciate and accept.
I wanted to order the item:
Chinese Classic Hand Made Silk Emperor Costume of Tang Dynasty

Thanks, Please send me the custom order link. I will order some Lion dances in near future, there I may ask to place our troupe name. Thanks so much!

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that two of the costumes came today, and they are really very beautiful, just really wonderful. I appreciate it very much. Looking forward to seeing the Empress costume and the minority costume you just asked the sizes for, think they will be great, too.
Thank you so much,

Hello, We recently ordered the Traditional Beijing China Dragon Dance Equipment Whole Set and received it a few weeks ago. The dragon is beautiful and we are very pleased with it. Thank you for your help.
Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities
D****r, Colorado

Hi, We received our package today and are very pleased with the quality of the workmanship and overall costume.
J*m & C***y Flores

I have just received my dragon. Thank you. It is very good and just what I expected. I am looking at buying one or two of the Wushu weapons that you advertise under the same category. I am interested in a Chinese Southern Tiger Fork and a Chinese Harbert spear. What would the cost for each item be including shipping. please advise so that I may proceed with a purchase!

Hi, I received the 2nd lion today, thank you so much for your help with me on my questions concerning them. a very beautiful lion indeed. i do have a question in regards to a possible future purchase. are all of the lions made the same size or are there 1 size larger than the ones i received. the reason i'm asking is, some of our students have broad shoulders and the opening on these lions are a little smaller than we are used to performing with. any help would be appreciated.
Most sincerely,

Hello, I have received the lampshades, they were very well packed and I am very pleased with them. Thank you for your prompt response to my enquries. I shall recommend China-cart.
Yours sincerely

Hi! I just wanted to say I got the wigs and outfit, they are all lovely, thank you so much! I'm really happy with how they look.
Thanks for that

Hi, We have recieved the Lion order, my Sifu is very very hapy.
Thanks for the professional assistance, i look forward in dealing wih you again very soon.
Kind Regards,

Hi, Thank you for the photos, I really like the costume. And thank you for been so fast.
Best regards,

Hi, I have received both the Lagu and Mongolian costumes, both are really quite nice. The Mongolian one does look much different in person, as you said, it's really beautiful.
Just wanted to say THANK YOU, I just received the uniform and it looks lovely!

Dear China-cart,
I just want to say thank you very much for making the single lion for me. It is really beautiful. I hope to buy other lions in the future.

Hello Lucy,We received the Professional Opera Costume yesterday,it is wonderful. Thank you. We had both the costumes that we have received from you on stage for rehearsal last night. They looked fabulous. I will look forward to the crowns arriving early next week. Once again thank you for all your assistance.

Hi, The dragon arrived safe and sound on Friday. It is very pretty and we are looking forward to performing with it. If the shows go well we might order a luminous one next year. thank you.

Dear China Cart,
The shipment came and the dragon head are beautiful. Thank you for all your help. We will definitely order another one soon.

To China-Cart Customer Care,
Hello! I have received my costume today, and it is wonderful. Thank you very much.

Hi China-Cart,
Just wanted you to know that Mother received her package from China-Cart yesterday and she was very pleased. Thank you. Another favor -- we need shoes or slippers. Cannot find them in Dayton or Vegas. The stores in China Town do not carry any. Could you send me some pictures and we can make a choice. Thank you!

Dear All,
I received the Kung fu uniform today. It is exactly how I imagined it! It will be a great christmas gift for my daughter. Thank you very much and merry Christmas!

We received the dragon costume today, and it is very beautiful! Thank you so much! I'm very pleased so far with the purchase!

Hi, This is to informe you that I received the items in time and in good conditions, and I really liked the costume. At the school my kid was a real Yelow Emperor. Thanks a lot for all your work and your support.

Hello china-cart. I just wondering will you make costume via picture? Because I have a picture of this costume but the costume is not available in your costume list. Is it possible to make it? Please reply me soon. :)
PS. my boy-friend had order a costume from your website and I'm really pleased with the quality of the costume.

Dear Jacky,
The Mah Jong boxes have arrived and I just want to say how brilliantly packed they were! They arrived today and are perfect. Thank you.

I received the package yesterday, safe and sound! The material looks much richer in person than in the pictures! Thanks!

Dear Sunny,
Just a quick note to say thankyou for the order I received today. Everything is wonderful and very colourful. The girls are delighted.Once again thank you for your wonderful work.
Kindest Regards

Hi China Cart,
Item received. very beautiful and professional. thank you

I have received the full order today. Thank you!
It is exactly as described. Thank you.
Thanks again for your help.

Order Number: 4758157118

Thank you very much! I am happy! The clothes are beautiful. I will order soon.
Thank you,

Hello, Jessica,
Thanks, I got my package earlier this week. The hair piece is beautiful!

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have received my order. I absolutely love it! It is going to be in the movie we are filming!

Thank you for your response. I am pleased that the robe is complete, and will recommend your service to my colleagues.

Turned out today I received the package and it is good product just as I saw from the website. Thank you.

Thank you for your prompt reply, the outfit has now arrived and I am very pleased with it and I would not hesitate to use your service again I can well recommend it.
Yours sincerely

I just wanted to let you know that the first package arrived safely. Thanks. It was a little different to what I expected BUT still lovely and so I am pleased. I am REALLY looking forward to the next package as THAT one has a different fabric on the picture and it looks SO comfortable. I have my cart ready with about 7 more outfits but want to wait to see this next one first! The jade piece was also fantastic. I am quite relieved! I will look forward with great anticipation for the next one and if it is fantastic then I will go ahead with all of the others!
Kind regards, and gratitude,

I have just received the package (costume). It is absolutely great and in perfect condition. Thank you very much!

Hello. Thank you for the beautiful dress it is wonderful.
Best wishes

I will recommend to anybody searching for excellent quality of traditional Chinese clothing. They are amazing!

My wedding is coming, and I want to thank China-Cart very much for the fast delivery of my suit. My suit is wonderful, I love everything about it!
Best wishes,

Thank you very much for the in-time delivery of my suit. My suit is wonderful, I love everything about it. Thank you very much. I will recommend you to anybody searching for excellent quality of Chinese clothing.
Have a nice day!
Best wishes, M***in

Hello,I inform you that I received my order yesterday (mardi16/04/13) via Chronopost. After checking it, I wanted to tell you that I am fully satisfied with this item, which is beautiful.
thank you very much
Mr St*****e g*****ue

I have received the Palace Lantern. It's beautiful and the perfect addition to my Asian room. I will be ordering more items.
Thank you so much.
R*****l M**n
Sent from my Cricket smartphone

Dear Sir or Madam,
two years ago I have ordered a suit for wushu competition. Thank you very much again for the high-quality fabrication, precise met of my customized requests and to-door-delivery!
Now it is time to look for a new suit for wushu competition for me, which I would like to wear this year in performances and the national championships.
I would like to order a new suit from you.
My first question: Do you still have my measures, color of suit, v-neck request etc of the last order from two years ago?
If you find it, please send pictures of the suit, the values of my measures etc etc to confirm. This is because I would take this suit as the basis for the new one.

Received the lion yesterday morning. Many thanks for your help in chasing up with the parcel was and getting it delivered.
The lion looks fantastic, more than happy with the quality.
Many thanks

Already reached us all. We are very happy.
My master of kung fu, is very happy because we are ying and yang and that complements us.
Says our Kung-Fu is in complete balance, thank you very much for everything.
Send you photos of the wedding.
Greetings from Spain

R***n and O***na.

Hi, Thanks, I got my package earlier this week. The hair piece is beautiful!

Thank you very much! I am happy! The clothes are beautiful. I will order soon.
Thank you,

I have received the full order today. Thank you! It is exactly as described. Thank you.
Order Number : 4758157118

Item received. very beautiful and professional. thank you
Cam Nguyen

Just a quick note to say thankyou for the order I received today. Everything is wonderful and very colourful. The girls are delighted.
Once again thank you for your wonderful work.
Kindest Regards

I'm not Disappointed. The Kimono has arrived. Everything is perfect, very beautiful, very great job without any negative thing on the dress, congratulations! In the future, few days later, I Will order 2 another Kimonos! Thank you so much! Have a great day!

Hi, China-Cart. Thanks for sending the works of China-Cart. The QiPao and Bharatanatyam costume and shoes, dress hair and dance accessories are so beautiful extraordinarily. I like them all. I will wear them at the party night events. Regards,

I have yet received the parcel: I am very happy. The costum is beautiful. You live in Suzhou ?
Bian Lian artist M****l

I received the order today with great satisfaction. Great quality, good workmenship. Thank you.

I just wanted to send an email thanking you guys so much again for my costumes and my sword (arrived this past Monday). I love everything about the costumes and the sword. They were all beautifully made and very good quality. I also love the gifts that were sent along as well. I will be making future purchases with you guys again in the future.
Thank you again,

Today the statues is arrived & im very happy & satisfied for the quality of the statues. The packaging is perfect. Thank you so much for your service & complimentary.
Collector B***

Yes, I have received it! Thank you for your kindness. Im so happy to spend this new year with wonderful lantern and hanging scroll! Hope you lots of beautiful things for 2022.
A** M*****a

Just wanted you to know I received my beautiful belt (and hat and yiaopei) yesterday. It is so well made, I was absolutely delighted; and it came to me so quickly. I couldnt be happier. I will wear it with pleasure. Thank you again for your warm help, you made it very easy and pleasant. Please take care and be well.
K***n B*****s

Greetings and good health to you and yours,
I am happy to say I received my package yesterday evening. I greatly appreciate the speedy delivery, your perfect and friendly customer service and the ease of making purchases from China Cart. This fabric is going to make a dream come true. Thankyou.
Looking forward to making many more purchases from China Cart!
Peace and happiness.

How do I leave a positive review as I wanted to say I received my order last week on the 22nd March 2022 after putting the order in on the 18th February 2022. As I was instructed in your emails in the beginning to provide measurements from bust, hips, waste and heights, I kind of knew and understood that with your professional craftsmanship, everything would be made from scratch using the measurement's provided, I would be waiting a bit longer than anticipated.
When the products were ready, I received a tracking number which I monitored until they products arrived at my point of delivery about a week later. On inspecting the finished products thoroughly, I couldn't be more happier than what I paid for. The designs, the material, the fabric, the quality, was well worth the money spent for the products I ordered although quoted in USD. I am all so very grateful for your kindness of adding jewelry free of charge and again, I couldn't be more thankful. Once again a very big thank you.
Now, I tested all the products by wearing them out saturday night and was complimented by strangers, by passers, my friends, family, acquaintances and collegues how good I looked and all were very impressed and happy what I had purchased. They now asked for your website as they are very interested in the fashion clothing.
Thank you very much team. I will be ordering more of your beautiful handcrafted fashion clothing.

My Lion Drum cover came today and the gift you have provided, and both are amazing!
Thank You for the excellent quality work your company provided.
It will be part of our Lion Dance equipment.
Will definitely order other products in the very near future.

I received my uniform today and there is a small problem, old men like me need to have something to complain about, but unfortunately, the outfits are as perfect as I thought they would be. I will be extremely praising the uniforms on Youtube and my two Martial Arts forums that I belong to. I know my wife will love her top when she receives it, and I will be ordering a pair of black pants like the grey ones. I loved how perfectly the grey pants fit, I may even order a pair of white ones. Please give my greatest appreciation to your staff for such a wonderful job they did, you have made me a lifetime customer, and hopefully my video postings will get you even more customers.

The boots have arrived. They are wonderful. I've had compliments on them from my coworkers. Thank you for everything. Ms. W****s

Hi Ava & China Cart team,
I have recieved my costume already yesterday.
the outfit is really great material and look beatiful. I love it!
Thank you for your fabilous support!!

I recieved my new suit yesterday. There is really fit well with me. I love it!! Very worth!
Practically Appriciate and special thank you for your free hood.
Thank you for whole great thing ;)
Take Care , Vi******un

Dear Ava,
Received yesterday my beautiful boots (and stockings!). They are even nicer than the photo. I will enjoy wearing them. Thanks so much for your attention to my order.
Be well.

Dear Ava
Hope everyone is well
Ive received the orange dresses, pink dresses and black/gold suit.
Many, many thanks for all your work.
Thank you always for your beautiful products.
Kindest regards

Dear Ava
Awesome, thank you so much! I received the shirt on Monday the 4th, the shirt is as nice as everything else I have received from your company, thank you so much for having such fine quality items.

I hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know that the presentation with Sun Wukong was not only successful, but an absolute BLAST! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the costume and the performance. As requested, here are a few of the pictures I took at the event. We had to wear masks, but it in no way ruined the look of the outfit!
Thank you again for helping to make this possible. I certainly look forward to working with you in the very near future. Let's make sure to keep in touch!
Take care!

Dear China Cart:
I received the outfits and they are beautiful! Very happy! Thanks so much!
Ch*****na D***er, PhD

Dear Ava! We successfully took my package, and it's amazing and beautiful, wasn't disappointed just like I wasn't in my very first order. Thank you so much, I waiting for the others to arrive!

Thank you! Package received today. Everything is wonderful. I love it.

Hello, the suit has arrived. It fits and looks amazing! Arrived just on time! Thank you so much for your help and everything!

Dear Ava Liu,
Thank you very much for everything! I just received it and its perfect! Thank you so much!
I wish all of the best to you and your team!
M***o G******es

Dear Ava,
Thank you for the beautiful dresses. My daughter won 4th place and Highest Model Potential Award. She has another model competition coming up. Can you help recommend some dramatic and beautiful model dresses in size 110? Any color is fine.
Thank you!

Received my outfit. It is quite nice.
Thank yo!

Hello, just to let you know I have received the robes and I love them, they are amazing, thank you for all your help and thank you to the team. You have done an excellent job.

Dear Ava Liu!
Several days ago I received the three traditional hand crafted Chinese dolls. Thank you for a third one youve provided me with! All of them are very beautiful and I have found the right place for them that enhances my living space.
Thanks again!
Warm regards
D***er T****e

My custom inside painted snuff bottle arrived yesterday painted with my dalmatian dog Jeni and am so very happy elated with it's over the top beauty and perfection of work. I just want to give my deepest of thanks and joy for it. You folks are extremely wonderful in your business and what you do.
Thank you again so much,
S***e G***er

I just received the package and it is great. It fits right and has details. Thank you for the custom made outfit.
C***s M****ux

Dear Ava! The Book, Towel, Drinking bottle and another phone case, have arrived. I have no words just like before. The Chinese made treasure, is only one real. All is beautiful, and finally I have nothing to wait for, just the map which I am the most exited about. Thank you very much. The goods haven't received any damage, they arrived in whole.
Z***g X***in

Thank you very much.
We can get the costume for your help.
We can married with costume before wedding party.
Our relatives and friends and teachers are very happy.
Many people said that the costume is very beautiful.
M**i T****lu
J***o T***alu

Dear Miss Liu
I have received the package. The costume is beautiful. Thank you for the fast shipment and making of the costume and also thank you for the free gifts.
By the way, it is for my daughter. Emoji
Yours sincerely
Ms Wong

The suit gas arrived and it's esactly how I wanted It.
I want to thank you for your professionality, kindness and velocity. I will suggest your website to all my friends.
Thank you so much

You and your team are fantastic! ? Thank you so much. Have received the goods and I am beyond happy with the great quality. So happy! Will definitely order from you again in the future. THANK YOU!

Hi Ava
Just to confirm the lions arrived yesterday.
Thank you very much for organising. They look great and we cant wait to use them at our next event.
All the best.

The dress has arrived!!!!!
I haven't put it together yet, I still have to apply makeup, and stuff like that.
But let me tell you.....wooow!!!!
It was fantastic, the dress is very beautiful and even the boots and gloves I loved, I really loved it????????.
Thank you very much!!!!
And then I'll send you a photo, when it's ready, it will still take a while.
Meanwhile, I'm thinking about a new character, which I already have in my head, also from the vampire series, and then I'll talk to you about the new character.
I'm going to buy the doll first, and then I'll come back again????????????.
Thank you very much ??????????

My costume arrived today. It is so beautifully made and all items were included as promised.
It has been a sincere pleasure doing business with you. I will highly recommend your company to others. Thank you again!
Ch**** B***n

I got my package last week. It is absolutely gorgeous! I just ordered a qipao and wig. Always onto something new! Thanks again!

Hi, please pass on my compliments to the crafts person for the wonderful creation and thank you for the great customer service. Always a pleasure to hear from you.
L**d J**h

Hi Ava
All items have arrived. Thank you very much for fast shipping.
The unicorn tail is nice and looks professional! Also, the drum and the flags. Good work, well done!
Thank you very much and best regards.
Dr. R**o T****ll

Dear Ava,
The boots have arrived and my Sifu is very happy with them. The craftsmanship is excellent.
Best wishes for the New Year. Gung Hei Fhat Choi!

Dear friend
The package arrived this morning!
It was WONDERFUL, better than what the photos were showing!!!
Thank you for the amazing gifts, both fans and hair decoration were very elegant and i will surely use it in my choreographies.
I will definitely order again in the future!
Best regards
F****i P*****iou

I am happy to let you know I have received the orange color LED lion, the pants, shoes, belts and the scroll. They are all pretty. The orange lion is very eye-catching ! We love it.
I believe I have figured out how to connect and control the LED lights.
It is a great pleasure doing business with you.
Happy New Year of the Dragon !
k*** h**

Dear Ava,
Lunar New Year is coming up. I'd like to wish you a prosperous Year of the Dragon! Got to let you know that I'm very happy with the peony embroidered dress and looking forward to wearing it for the Lantern Festival.
Attached are photos of my new book. It's hard to keep the opened pages down to take a photo of the author's bio, so I'm just sending you the photo that gets printed on the author's page. The background of the author's photo had to be changed, because there were no magnolia flowers last October to match my magnolia embroidered dress when I was photographed. With the changed background, this is such a pretty photo! You can see how fabulously the magnolia embroidered dress from your company looks. I'm sure you feel proud of it.
I will definitely order more Mandarin dresses from you.
Again, Happy Lunar New Year!

Hello Ava,
I received my dress today and it is beautiful! Thank you so much for creating this dress for me. I'm looking forward to wearing it in our next performance!
Either way, thank you again for all your help!
S***h K***s

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