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January 18, 2021
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Chinese,Terracotta,Army,Chinese,Terracotta,Warriors,Chinese,calendars,Search,Buy,Purchase,for,You,Online,Shopping Search for You
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Chinese,Terracotta,Army,Chinese,Terracotta,Warriors,Chinese,calendars,Search,Buy,Purchase,for,You,Online,Shopping Returns and Refunds

Returns and Refunds



We accept return and exchange for the normal delivery items. Valid for 1 year. But if the item was sent out by the most expensive UPS/FedEx/DHL delivery method to meet the urgent delivery request of the customer, or the items were specially customized based on the customer's detail requests, or the weight of the item was over 10kg, the refund service is not available while the exchange service is still available. Feel free to contact us at if you need any assistance. Your happiness are our highest aim and we will try our very best to assist you most!


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